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Welcome to my miniature webpage!

I'm IowanEASFan, a radio nerd and web-dev wannabe.

I made this website as an exercise as to fitting an entire website on a floppy disk. Chances are, this page is being served to you from a floppy.

Why? Back in the old days of the internet, there just wasn't a lot of space. There also wasn't a lot of bandwidth, so you had to keep stuff small. We take advantage of having almost endless space and bandwidth at our disposal, but sometimes, we need to cut back on the content we don't truly need.

This page serves as a minimal copy of my main website. Feel free to share this around! (After all, it does fit on a floppy disk.)

Oh yeah, you like cats? So do I, here's mine.

Millie laying on my bed Sophie laying on an oversized blue bed

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