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The Mini Challenge

I primarilly made this challenge for myself, but if you want to, you can do this yourself. Here's the rules.


- Must have a background tile

- Must have a logo

- Must have two 88x31 buttons, animated or static

- Must have 8 images, not counting the buttons or tile

- Must have at least 5 pages. An example layout would include an index (summary of the site), about page (about you or the site), hobbies page (to explain stuff you're passionate about), links to websites you like (or maybe your big site), and a page of contact info.


- Can be a full page, contained in a 640*480 block (the size of this page), or contained in a 250*250 webgarden pot (scrolling is allowed)

Do's / Do Not's

- Page source must be readable by human eyes (properly indented, no cheating by compacting everything into a single line)

- Image compression is allowed, but the image must be clear

- Background tile must be at least 20*20

- Images must be JPEG, GIF, BMP, or PNG. JPEG and GIF preferable.

- Alt tags must be used on images, and must describe the image clearly

- CSS styling should be in a separate file to save space

- Your folders should have a layout that makes sense, and should accurately describe the contents inside

- You cannot rely on outside hosting services to host content. All content must be included in the folder of the website.


- Must be HTML 4.01 Transitional valid

- Must be viewable in Internet Explorer 5 / Netscape 6.02

Storage Size

- The entire website must be able to fit on a 3.5" 1.44MB floppy disk.

Have fun!

You may include a page like this on your website, but it's not required.

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