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My Hobbies

I'm a bit of a nerd. Go ahead and see what I waste my time doing.


I am absolutely a radio nerd. What really kicked off my interest in radio was getting my hands on a Burk Emergency Alert System encoder. While the encoder itself is garbage, I realized that I had an interest in radio hardware. After playing around with different audio processing software, I soon became addicted to radio software. I've built a miniature collection of different audio streaming utilities, processing utilities, playout systems, and even some production tracks.

I run four radio stations, one online-only and three over-the-air. My flagship station is 91.7 The River, as it's the one I pay the most attention to. It has RDS that shows the currently playing song, it sounds a lot like an actual radio station, and it's the most complex setup of a radio station I have. My latest sign-on is ByteTalk, a radio station airing technology radio and television shows. It tranmits at 106.9 FM.

Out of all of the fields I could go into, broadcast engineering will be a sure bet. While I don't have experience with professional equipment (Orban Optimods, high-power FM and AM transmitters), this experience can easilly be gained by getting an internship at a radio station. Now I just need to find a station with an open internship position... wish me luck!

Interested in radio like I am? Visit the Radio page!


Ever since the age of three, I've used a computer in some way. My first experience I can remember on a computer was playing an educational game on my grandmother's Windows XP laptop, which she still uses to this day. My experiences on that laptop are mainly why I have such a fond memory of XP, and is part of the reason why I still use it today.

Of course, my interests in computers have grown over time. After we got an internet connection in 2014, my interest in computers has taken off. I soon became aware of Discord, which led me to chatting with like-minded individuals. I was soon introduced to HTML, and tought myself how to make my very own website. Over time, I've improved my HTML and CSS skills.

I discovered Neocities in 2020 and the Yesterweb community in 2021. I was fascinated that a group of people brought back the experience of Web 1.0, and just had to check it out for myself. The Yesterweb community has quickly become my hometown chatroom, my go-to for rambling about whatever is on my mind. Discovering this community was nessessary for me, as nobody in my area knows how to make their own site, let alone cares enough to do so.

Of course, I'm not just interested in website stuff. I operate a public-facing Icecast and web server, as well as a couple private servers on my home network. I daily drive Linux, as I've found Windows to be more of a bottleneck than a usable operating system. I've used computers to host phone systems, capture images from a cat webcam, run all of my radio stations, and to relive my past memories of playing Chuzzle Deluxe. I don't know what I'd do without computers in my life.

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